"In Jesus we find everything"

General Government of the Brothers and Sisters, Rome


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  • Good Mother"There is not a single action of a priest done in virtue of his state which does not obtain grace for himself or for whomever the action is done...God is, as it were, constrained to grant an extraordinary grace if the priest who blesses asks for it."

  • Good Father"How I love to hear that our whole family is edified by your obedience and humility."

  • Good Mother

    "For the Fathers’ Branch, the establishment of the Reign of the Heart of Jesus is carried out through preaching; while the Sisters’ Branch is destined to adore and repair as much as possible by a life of immolation and sacrifice the outrages he has received."

  • Good Father"A prayer from the heart is agreeable to God rather than a prayer from the lips. God pays attention, not to the words, but to the heart of the one who prays. All the good works of the just are prayers."

  • Good Mother"Reflect that the sick have much need of sanctifying themselves. They ought to be very glad to be reminded of their duties, and that it is so easy to forget oneself in times of illness."

  • Good Father"I do not know why I am always afraid that you might become careless about little things which require much vigilance and attention."

  • Good Mother"Suffering without peace is of no avail."

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