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  • Good Mother

    "Love comes first. Do not worry."

  • Good Mother"I had not thought of wishing you a Happy New Year. I desire with all my heart that you spend this year and many more of them very happily."

  • Good Father"At last I take a little time, my dear Sisters, to wish you all a Happy New Year. I ask God to preserve you in piety and in the good dispositions which he has placed in your heart. Be good and fervent “sicut Angeli Dei.”

  • Good Mother"Please pray that I may have the necessary resignation, for my body freezes and even seems to become disjointed when the impression of all that I must suffer makes itself felt."

  • Good Father

    "Since I shall soon be no longer useful and my end draws closer with the years, heaven is the best that I can desire both for myself and for my children. This favor I solicit continually for the living and for the deceased members of my large family. Forgive me for this gift, all of you who are my dearest friends, and believe that I love you and that I shall never cease to love you."

  • Good Mother"I much prefer a Sister who is flighty and thoughtless to a very pious grouch inclined to much grumbling. The one can be corrected of her defects while the latter seem to increase."

  • Good Father"Do not rely upon human beings. The best of them only make noise and their enthusiasm even in most difficult times produces nothing but smoke. I have experienced that all is deception here below."

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