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Meeting "around Final Vows" in English, in Yogyakarta: 3th Chronicle (Brs)

   The meeting around the final commitment has come to an end. In the last week we have reflected on vows, its implications and its application and how to be prophets to the world. We also have a presentation about the current situation of the Congregation worldwide and we reflect about our place, as young Asian brothers, in the Congregation. Finally, we concluded the program with three days of retreat.

   We thank you all the brothers and sisters of ss.cc. family for keep us in your prayer and supporting us in many different ways. The final Eucharist was edifying, having elements from different cultures. We too had a sumptuous meal that whetted our appetites with different delicacies from the varied countries we belong. God’s abiding presence was being experienced throughout the program.
   This small prayer puts in word our gratefulness to God and the people on our journey.

Thanksgiving Prayer

   Blessed be to the Source of all beings who has bestowed us with many spiritual and temporal goods all through this time. We came to this place with much excitement, expectations and also with some uncertainties and tepidity. However, we came to realize that everything under heaven has a purpose. We recognized… it is good to be here a little longer.

   Our program has been blessings in many-fold. We have broadened the understanding of our human and spiritual dimensions. We have discovered some of the spiritual treasures of our congregation that would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Our hearts have been opened and have begun to glow with passion for the congregation and her mission.

   Thank you Eternal Word, for those who have accompanied us in the persons of our facilitators, speakers, five brother1s and ibus2 We have seen and felt your guidance and safe-keeping through them.

   Thank you the Breath of God, for escorting us all through and especially during our final retreat. We have heard your gentle knock and silent steps tip-toeing in the rear of our hearts. We have come up with dreams, hopes, desires and aspirations. We plead… we plead you Lord, to bless all those.

   We exclaim with your servant David: ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, in vain do its builders labour.’ We need your presence in every step of our lives to be faithful and fruitful. Stay with us Lord, as the day is done and the evening is drawing closer; stay with us not only now but till the end of our days so that we may be holy and blameless in your sight. Amen.

1. Five brothers of temporary vows who helped in the infrastructure of the meeting.
2. ibus= “mothers” in Indonesian ; the ladies who work in the house at the laundry and cooking.