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Assembly of the Province of Mexico ( brothers)

The province of Mexico held its annual assembly from 6 to 10 January at the usual place: the retreat house of the Carmelite Missionaries of Tetelcingo (Morelos).

They have reflected on the letter from the Superior General to CIAL on Major Communities around 20 members, which is situation of the province of Mexico . The challenge is to grow not only in quantity but especially in quality .

After that, the brothers dealt with the provincial plan of Youth Ministry 2012-2015. The importance of being close to the young, to trust them, and to teamwork, were emphasized, being aware of the need of assuming the project and support all the tasks involved in it.

Also they reflected on the theme of the economy, using a document of the USG entitled "The experience of testimony in economics, urgent issue in the religious life."

Finally, they had the presence of Meza Paulo, a Chilean lay man, and Alex Vigueras sscc, provincial of Chile, to treat the topic "Being religious priests Sacred Hearts". They did it as a workshop, from the experience of corporeality: the way we communicate, expressions of being leaders, bodily manifestation of what bothers us, attitudes we have in life, etc ...





  • 1. Ricardo ha scritto il 01/17/2014 alle 19:36:

    A comunidade de Inhaminga(Mozambique), viu as fotos e gostamos muito. Foi a primeira vez que tivemos posibilidades de ver as vosas noticias.
    Saludos a todos,
    Estao gorditos e alegres
    Ricardo e Amado sscc
    Nt Bene  oP. Amado come chile de mais, aqui chama se piri-piri, nem escuta medicos.
    A Dios