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Meeting of the General Governments (Italy)

A meeting of the two General Governments of the Congregation was held from 27 to 30 May, at the house of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart in Torricella in Sabina (Italy).  They met to reflect on the theme "Synodality. Leadership and the exercise of the service of authority”. Patricia Villarroel and Alberto Toutin led the days. 

Saturday, 27 May, was dedicated to sharing what had been the main experiences of each of the participants as regards the last few months in relation to the exercise of the service of the General Government.

Sunday, 28 May, the feast of Pentecost, was dedicated to reflecting on how to improve the service of both governments, using an exercise devised by Mario Benedetti involving geometric shapes  (a vicious circle, a loving triangle and square mind). 

On Monday, 29 May, against the backdrop of a document reflecting the contributions of the Union of Superiors General and the International Union of Major Superiors, we reflected on and discussed the following questions: 

What good experiences of synodality have we had in our service as a team of General Government? What obstacles do I find in myself and in the Congregation as regards  growing in greater synodality in the service of authority? What ideas and good practices allow us to grow in greater synodality in the service of authority and mission?

The final morning,  30 May was dedicated to sharing information and dialogue on various issues: the Extended General Council and Council of the Congregation, the world meeting of the Secular Branch, Session Poitiers 2024, a planned visit to Hainan and the forthcoming General Chapter 2024.

The Eucharists, celebrated together with the sisters in the house along with some people coming from the local area, involved the novelty of homilies given by our sscc sisters. A daily time of adoration was held in silence. In the evenings we spent time together with films and a song workshop. We concluded with an evaluation and an official photo of the meeting.