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Visiting "El Samaritano" - the house for migrants (Mexico)

Before taking part in the Provincial Chapter of the Brothers of Mexico, Fernando Cordero and the Provincial of Mexico, Pedro Díaz, visited the House for Migrants "El Samaritano", in Bojay (state of Hidalgo) which is coordinated and run by a community of sscc sisters made up of Mª Luisa Silverio, Teresa Lazcano, Mª Antonieta Silva, Gloria Gaspar and Nélida Cayllahuya. Each month the sisters attend to an average of 1300 migrants who arrive at the house to board "The Beast", the train on which many lose their lives or limbs to reach the US border. "The migrants - mostly young people - arrive shattered from walking so far. The bath and food we offer them revives them," says Mª Luisa. The sisters have had to face situations of violence due to human trafficking and drug trafficking. In this international sscc community, they take care of each other in order to carry on a mission that is exhausting and emotionally affecting. They feel very much in touch with what Francis develops around the figure of the Good Samaritan in Fratelli Tutti. They also collaborate pastorally with the Parish of St. James the Apostle in Atotonilco de Tula. Together with the sisters, they carry out voluntary activities for young people in various fields and have the ongoing support of the Diocese of Tula.


  • 1. Sujata Jena ha scritto il 05/02/2021 alle 21:10:

    Very courageous and noble mission. Congratulations to Sister Maria Luisa and Community. Journeying with the Migrants is a priority of the apostolic plan of the Action.

    But the way you do is really challenging. Truly, good Samaritans all of you.

    Take care