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Assembly of the CLA and the CIAL (Srs & Brs)

The 15th Assembly of the Interprovincial Conference for Latin America of the brothers and the 11th Conference for the sisters began on 21 June in Rio de Janeiro. The meetings are being held at the Center for Formation and Spirituality belonging to religious Congregation of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

The Assembly of the sisters is related to the Council of Congregation held in El Escorial last June. The sisters began with a retreat day guided by Aurora Laguarda, the Vicar General. The assembly is accompanied by Cristina Robaina, stj. The Superior General, Emperatriz Arrobo, is also presente. After the retreat they sisters presented various reports of the journey of the Conference during the last three years.

The Assembly of the brothers was preceded by the meeting of the economes that took place in the same house. The last day of that meeting was dedicated to sharing with the members of the CIAL Assembly. General impressions of the meeting were expressed as well as some specific guidelines for the various communities of the Conference.

After this, likewise the in the sisters´ assembly, there was a time for the presentation of the reality of each of the communities and the respective reports of Initial and Ongoing Formation. It provided the opportunity for various dialogues and reflections on the life of the Conference. A climate of fraternal warmth is generally appreciated. Javier Alvarez-Ossorio and Camille Sapu, from the General Government, are present.

The purpose of these meetings of brothers and sisters is to have a space for the animation of ss.cc. religious life in Latin America. It is a time to see, reflect and plan how to continue our journey in searching the Lord.