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Big earthquake in Japan. News from the Brothers. (Updated March 17, 2011)

March 11, 2011
Michiaki Chihara sscc from Tomobe, Japan.

We are having earthquakes and big Tsunami in many places in the east of Japan.
We who are in Tomobe are fine (John Yamada, Gus, Bro Francis, Willie and myself).
Lui Kawamata is in Naka.
Some minor damage inside house in Tomobe.
We heard that John Biffar and Tony are fine in Mito.

There is no electricity, no water, no telephone line.
We cannot communicate each other.
(I'm using my cell phone to email.)

It seems there are so many victims. Unbelievable.
I'll keep in touch.

 March 12, 2011
Michiaki Chihara sscc from Hitachi, Japan

My Dear Brothers,
Thank you so much for your prayers.

 I talked with some brothers this morning and they are fine: Andy and
Waluyo at Tsukuba, Phil at Shimodate, Peter at Hitachi, and 
Mike Coleman at Tsuchiura.

 We are still trying to contact Jim at Toride and Kenji at Yamagata.

 Mike Narita is in hospital for his hernia in Yonezawa.

 I'm going to Hitachi to see and say mass for tomorrow Sunday.

 We still don't have electricity, internet connection, telephone line and
water supply.

 I'll keep updating.

 Your brother,

March 12, 2011
Michiaki Chihara sscc from Hitachi, Japan

Greeting from Hitachi,

It took more than 4 hours to come here from Tomobe where it takes only 45 minutes usually.

I got information that Jim is safe.

As I don't have electricity nor internet connection, it's difficult to communicate.
Internet connection is available at Mito and Toride.

The major concern is about nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture next to Ibaraki, our prefecture.

Our communities are safe because they are far from the ocean.

Many thanks for your prayers.

Your brother,

March 15, 2011
Michiaki Chihara sscc from Tomobe, Japan

 Greetings from Tomobe,

Thank you so much for your prayers and messages.
All of us here are safe.

Electricity came back in the evening of the day before yesterday and water came back yesterday.
Now we have internet connection.

There are so many victims and missing people near ocean side because of tsunami.
Some of our parishioners' houses are affected and damaged.

The problem of nuclear power plant in Fukushima is getting very serious.
Tomobe is about 100km away from there but Hitachi is only 60km away.

We don't have enough food and gasoline. Train transportation in Ibaraki and Yamagata is not available.
So, it will be very difficult to have our chapter meeting scheduled from March 28 to April 2.
We are talking how to postpone the meeting.

This is all for now.
Please excuse me for not responding you personally.
We really appreciate you for being united in the Sacred Hearts.

Thank you.

March 16, 2011
Tony Biswas sscc from Mito (Ibaraki), Japan

 We are safe here. Sending you some pictures I took after the big earthquake; in Mito/Ibaraki prefecture, where I live; which is just next to Fukushima; Miyagi(Sendai), Iwate, prefecture where tsunami came. The aftershocks since Friday still shocking us continuously. Fortunately we now have water, electricity and also gas. Thanks for your prayerful support. Please continue to pray for us and especially for all the people who are suffering most. God bless. Tony



On March 15, responding to a request of John Yamada, Provincial of Japan-Philippines, the Superior General authorized rescheduling the Provincial Chapter, which was planned for March 28-April 2 in Tomobe (Ibaraki Prefecture). The shortages being experienced as well as the insecurity recommended it. The Chapter will be held with some months.


March 17, 2011
More pictures from Mito (Ibaraki), Japan