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Ecuador - "the brothers are ok”

"The last days in Ecuador (9/1) have been very difficult because of gangs rioting in the prison and organising the violence that is taking place outside of the prison” explains Hilvar Loyaga sscc, the current coordinator of CIAL.

Hilvar added “that there has been riots in some cities, assaults and the burning of vehicles” and painfully affirmed that “these are very sad days”. He went on to say that “it is like a struggle between the government of the state with criminal, mafia and kidnapping gangs” that has intensified by way of a response to the government’s clampdown against organised crime and drug trafficking.

“It is a shame what is happening in our countries, especially in Ecuador, where we are being held hostage by these criminal gangs”, Hilvar commented after it became known round the world that an armed group had broken into a television studio on the Tuesday afternoon. The images shocked public opinion and the Ecuadorian government suspended classes in schools and traffic grew to a halt as people tried to make their way home. The lack of telephone communication caused some panic among citizens.

In addition Hilvar reported that the brothers of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts are ok. "Here in Ecuador, we are fine. There is no major news. We are only very saddened by what is happening”.

We pray for the situation in Ecuador and for the SSCC sisters, brothers and laypeople who may need our help at this time.