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The Provincial Chapter in Chile (Brs)

The Province of Chile has celebrated the third and final phase of its Chapter from the 8th till the 9th of April at Damien Center in Macul. All the delegates took part in the provincial event. Camille Sapu, the Vicar General, participated in it to represent the General Government.

There was only one item on the agenda: whether to open the Provincial Chapter to all the brothers of the Province, or not. At the first session of the Chapter, the moderator explained the process lived so far involving all the brothers in this point that could change an article of the statutes of the Chilean Province. The explanation was followed by a time of personal reading of the file containing the question. The brothers was also invited to form groups of two or three to discuss on the subject.

The atmosphere of the chapter was very fraternal. Each brother was able to express his ideas without much problem. At the time of voting, the proposal of having an open chapter did not meet the required two-thirds and, accordingly, was not approved. The final decision was accepted with great faith and humility. No one has claimed its position as if it were the only consideration.

As one brother said during the Chapter Assembly: "What remains to be done is to welcome and to live the Chapter in the life of each one of us."