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Meeting with the Secular Branch in Mozambique (Sisters)

As part of the support that the General Government of the sisters gives to the Territories that need it most, Goyi Marin is in Mozambique to support the sisters of Boane, at this time when there are only two sisters in temporary vows who are students. 

Among the many activities she is carrying out, on the 22nd she met with the group of the SS.CC. Secular Branch. At the moment there are 26 members and 7 sympathizers. During the meeting the lay people talked about various topics, among others the Association that they want to form, at the level of the Mozambican Government, to make together some social project and to be able to ask for some subsidy in an official way. They also talked about the renewal of the commitments of a large number of lay people who, due to the Pandemic, could not renew.

Goyi also shared with them the program of the Spiritual Animation Team (SAT) of the Secular Branch and what had already been done. He reminded them of the Europe Africa meeting that will take place on May 28, via online and the World Meeting online, which will take place from July 7 to 9, 2023, from 3 to 5 pm. The meeting was held at the home of the layman Rafael Rombe, who introduced us to his entire family and offered us a delicious Mozambican snack-dinner.