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Interview: "Strength in Fragility" (Chile)

The following is an Interview with Oscar Casanova, a religious of the Sacred Hearts, who was ordained a few months ago in Santiago de Chile. With him, we set out to create bridges in our daily lives for the encounter with God. With a new language, Oscar speaks of the spirituality of the Heart of Jesus and of reparation. For the latter, he recalls an oriental technique for the repair of Chinese vases using gold thread as suggested by Poldo Antolín ss.cc

Oscar also tells how, in the midst of the current crisis of the Chilean Church and the social explosion, he decided to take the step towards the priesthood and how the faith of simple people supports him. Along with this, he highlights what "Lectio Divina" consists of and how to nourish ourselves with the Word. Making St. Paul's words his own, in the midst of the pandemic situation that is ravaging the world, he highlights the value of strength in the midst of fragility.

He speaks, on the other hand, of his involvement in the educational community of the Sacred Hearts School of Manquehue and what this pastoral immersion represents for him. One of the questions that appears in the conversation is posed by Atilio Pizarro, an ss.cc. brother and a companion of Oscar's generation. 

Óscar also analyzes the role of the priesthood, of women in the Church, and exposes his dreams, without forgetting his family and his origins in the south: in La Unión. Finally, the religious of the Sacred Hearts of the community of Cochamó, in Santiago de Chile, interpret "The Prayer" by Esteban Gumucio Vives ss.cc.