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Visit to the community of St. Joseph Parish, Lawe Desky (Medan)

From 18 to 20 March, Alberto and Jean Blaise visited the community of St. Joseph Parish, Lawe Desky (Medan). Our brothers Tarsisius Son, Shenly Mario Angelo and Johannes Nainggolan (in pastoral experience) have the pastoral care of this parish. After talking with each brother on Saturday morning, (18 March), the afternoon was spent meeting with some representatives of the parish council and parishioners. Sunday was the feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of the parish and one of the patrons of the congregation. Mass was presided over by Tarsisius, the parish priest and the homily was given by Alberto. Immediately after the mass, a fraternal meal was served to all participants in the foyer at the entrance of the church.

On Monday 20 March, the visitors went to greet the students of the parish's secondary school, run by the Sisters of St Elizabeth. Afterwards, they had a meeting with the brothers of this community. Alberto thanked them on behalf of the congregation for their presence in this challenging place of mission. Some of the points discussed were: community life as a witness to the mission; naming any cultural and leadership style tensions, that the 2 closest parishes (Lau Baleng and Lawe Desky) meet to have community meetings and perhaps organise zone meetings once a year between the 4 parishes of Sumatra (St. Paul, St. Damien, St. Joseph and Mentawai) or have a time of recreation together... And pastoral care: teamwork, sscc identity in the parish, taking care of each other...

After the meeting, Alberto and Jean Blaise went to Medan where they will continue the visit to St. Paul's parish (Medan).

Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3YxqBpO