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Virtual meeting of brothers of 4th Stage

On 17 July, a virtual meeting was held for the brothers who are preparing for their perpetual vows.   Brothers who have already made their perpetual vows in 2021 also attended. This meeting was the fourth virtual meeting following on from the three previous meetings with different themes or topics. The first meeting was on 27 November, 2020 with the theme "Vows: Chastity, Obedience and Poverty Today", led by Fr. Alberto Toutin and Sr. Patricia Villarroel, with the participation of the Brothers and Sisters. The second meeting was led by Fr. Enrique Losada on 28 January, 2021 with the theme: "Unity of Brothers and Sisters: Common Mission". The third meeting on 16 April, with the theme "Mission and Internationality" was directed by Fr. Rodrigo Alcántara. The topics discussed at this meeting were: "The Congregation today: vision and its challenges". The speakers were Alberto Toutin and Patricia Villarroel.

Thirty-five participants attended, twelve confreres currently in the preparation program for perpetual vows and twelve confreres who have already made their perpetual vows, plus three translators: Felipe Lazcano, Camille Sapu and Angela O'Toole. Also in attendance were the team of formators: Enrique Ramirez, Pankrasius Olak, Alexis Nayak and the two members of the Initial Formation Commission of the General Government, Jean Blaise Mwanda and Thomas Sukotriraharjo. The meeting went well and for some of the confreres this was their first meeting at the international level. The participants came from various conferences of the Congregation: CIAL, CAP, CEA and USA. After Alberto and Patricia gave the lecture, an open dialogue session with questions and answers followed.

The meeting opened with a short prayer led by Alexis Nayak and closed with a closing prayer prepared by Pankrasius Olak.