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Two parishes celebrate their Golden Anniversary in 2014 (Brs)

Saint Torfinn in Levanger (Norway)

In 1932 the “Propaganda Fide“ in Rome put the pastoral care of the prelature of Trondheim (Middle Norway) into the hands of our Congregation. The prelature had just two parishes. Our brothers founded three parishes more and built all the churches that are still in function today.

The last of the parishes was founded by bishop Johannes Rüth in 1964, at Levanger, north of Trondheim. It has been served by our brothers over 31 years.

The Congregation was invited to celebrate the golden jubilee. Fr. Olav Müller sscc, 90 years old, the last of our brothers living in Middle Norway was an special guest. Until 1964 he was the pastor of  the few Catholics, going in and out from Trondheim. His mission journeys on motorbike are legendary. Another guest was Fr. Heinz Josef Catrein sscc, the last SSCC parish priest and who was also the jubilee homilist.

When it was founded the parish of Levanger counted 31 Catholics. Today they are 1.700, half of them are Polish; the rest of the Catholics are from all over the world. The jubilee tells the story of the little flock which in Levanger , as everywhere in Norway, is growing visibly.

Today the Congregation in Norway is present in the area of Oslo. 

Sacred Hearts Parish in Madrid (Spain)

The temple was consecrated and dedicated to the Sacred Hearts on January 24, 1965 by D. Casimiro Morcillo, archbishop of Madrid, and was attended by the Superior General, Henry Systermans sscc. A few months later it was erected as a parish (27 August 1965).

In building the temple, along with architect Rodolfo García-Pablos, also collaborated notable artists of the time, marking a milestone in modern religious architecture, so that in 2004 the College of Architects of Madrid declared it as a "special architectural work of the century XX ".

The church is popularly known as “Father Damien´s church” and many faithful pass constantly to pray by his statue. Also in the church are buried the remains of our blessed Theophilus, Isidro, Gonzalo, Eladio and Mario, martyrs of the twentieth century in Spain.

To mark the fiftieth anniversary various activities and conferences on different themes are being organized: origins, charisma and missionary dimension of the Congregation, social commitments of the parish, our church and art, liturgical celebrations, parish tour... The jubilee year will conclude with a Mass of thanksgiving.  

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