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The finance commission of the CAP (Brs)

   The finance commission of the CAP met from May 3rd to May 5th in the Damien Formation Center in Manila. The meeting was convoked by Antun Wardoyo, the coordinator of the CAP and chaired by Michiaki Chihara, Chair of the CAP Finance Commission. The meeting was attended by Alexis Nayak, Regional Superior of India, representing the regional treasurer, William Tepa, Vice-Provincial Superior of French Polynesia, representing the vice provincial treasurer, Sambodo Ujianto (Indonesia), Martinus Pariyanto (Japan-Philippine) and Ed Popish (General Econome).

   This was the first meeting of the commission since 2009. The first sessions of the meeting were a time of formation. The General Econome presented a draft of the proposed “Manual for Provincial Treasurers” and gave some formation with regard to the annual common report and the application for assistance with initial formation.  The meeting continued with the presentation of the financial reports for 2010 and 2011 and a review of initial formation costs 2010-11. In addition the commission dealt with several other topics that have been discussed in the other IC financial commissions over the past three years. These include: the overview of the financial situation of the congregation 2002-2008 and the trends of income in the Congregation and in CAP 2006-2010. The members also responded to the questionnaire regarding governance, present and future challenges, formation for administration, audits, legal issues and any institutions related to their communities.


Photo: Martinus Pariyanto, Alexis Nayak, Sambodo Ujianto, Antun Wardoyo,
William Tepa, Ed Popish, and Michiaki Chihara.