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Retreat preparation for the Generals Chapters (Indonesia)

On 16 May, 2024, the SSCC members of sisters, brothers and secular branch in Batam made a half day retreat in Batam Oase Center (BOC) as preparation for the General Chapter. The gathering began with a half hour silence adoration from 08.30 to 09.00 AM. After Adoration in the chapel, the group moved to a small hall to listen together to the talk of Fr. Alberto Toutin, presented via YouTube. His text had been distributed beforehand.

After listening, Fr. Pankras Olak sscc translate into Bahasa some of the important points because not all understands English well. He concluded with a guiding question for reflection: what text, message and picture resonated most with you from the talk of Fr. General?

With this question we divided ourself into 5 groups composed of the different members; sisters, secular branch, novices, and priests for our sharing. The echo of this recollection for most of the participant was a sense of joy and gratitude to God for making our Congregation an instrument for God’s work, namely his love for his people; the three dynamic of our spirituality, that is mission – reaching out to the needs and suffering, caring of inner-self, especially Eucharist and Adoration and missioning as community of sisters, brothers and secular branch with the unique gift from God for each of us and complementary among three branches. As we continue to pray for both General Chapters, Sisters and Brothers, we ask the Holy Spirit to continue to strengthen us as children of cross in our call and mission for the world today.