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Retreat of the sisters of Chile

The sisters of Chile made their annual retreat from 10 to 15 January in Viña del Mar, focusing their gaze on the eyes of Jesus, through the life and witness of fraternity of our brother Esteban Gumucio. The retreat was accompanied by Sergio Silva sscc, vice postulator of the cause of Fr Esteban. 

What better than to write a letter to Fr. Esteban himself reviewing those aspects that helped us to look at Jesus today.

"Dear Fr. Esteban or Tata Esteban or simply Esteban:

We have enjoyed these days of retreat in your company, your eyes fixed on Jesus, they have enlightened us on the way forward, on what still remains for us.

There are many profound questions that invite us to change, from your "yes" for ever, passing through so many traits of your very rich personality: always discovering the presence of God in the little things, in the simple, in the vulnerable; the sensitivity of your soul that discovered the beauty in a flower until reaching the depth of the human being. How beautiful to know you were such a brother and master of the house, helpful, attentive, full of delicate details so that others would be happy. And that special ability to discover the positive side of people and of life. You had reasons of faith: you saw Jesus in every person, without exception.

Like Jesus, the poor were your favourites, without privileges; you arrived in their villages and you became one of them, with humility, without shyness. You messed with them.

You were critical of all authority and injustice, with wisdom, sweetness and firmness. What you had to say, you said without hurting anyone.

You loved your superiors in the Congregation, the hierarchy of the Church, this Church of every day, holy and sinful, to which you gave a lucid and active obedience.

Dear and beloved Esteban, we fear to wound your delicate simplicity, but we are convinced that we have been in the presence of a saint, who encourages and accompanies us in our common vocation, who encourages us to review our poor lives and to live with the infinite happiness of those who have their eyes fixed on Jesus".

These days of prayer and contemplation of the Lord, together with our brother Esteban, were a gift for each one of us.