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Pope visits Parish of our Generalate (Brs)

On Sunday, 14 December 2014, Pope Francis visited the parish of San Giuseppe all'Aurelio that SSCC brothers General House belongs to. The Holy Father arrived early to had time to meet first with families who had their children baptized during the year, mentioning that he himself had been baptized on Christmas Day in 1936. Afterwards he had some time with children of first communion and heard confession of five members of the parish community.

He also met with several homeless people, immigrants and a group of people with health problems, of whom he referred to as "the strength of the Church." He greeted 25 representatives of families in situations of fragility that are living in a building a short distance away from our house, that are being supported by the youth of Sant’Egidio community, Caritas and the project 'Give me a hand'.

This is the Pope’s 7th visit to a Roman parish since his election as Roman Pontiff in March 2013. With about 300 parishes in Rome, it would take about 25 years for the Pope to make his round in Rome. It is truly a moment not to be missed. People began standing in line six hours before the Pope’s arrival, including six of our sscc brothers from the Generalate. Victor Gualan sscc had a special pass to enter the church as chaplain of the Scouts.

In this occasion, Pope Francis celebrated the Mass of the Third Sunday of Advent, also known as Gaudete Sunday, meaning Joyful Sunday. In his homily, He emphasized Joy as a significant aspect of Christianity. He said, "It hurts to see Christians with a bitter face, restless with bitterness because they are not at peace." He added that "saints have the face of joy," and noting that no one has ever seen a  saint with “a sad face.”

The Holy Father ended the Mass with the same note. “Do not forget joy,” he said before leaving the church. “Give thanks to God, and bring help to those in need.”


  • 1. Luiz Antonio ha scritto il 12/15/2014 alle 21:22:

    Foi um momento muito especial, tanto para a comunidade paroquial quanto para nossa comunidade sscc, afinal nosso querido papa Francisco estava a poucos metros de nossa casa. Obrigado Papa Francisco. Bendito aquele que vem em nome do Senhor.