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Picpus Session 2012 (Brs & Srs)


   From 8 July until 27 July 2012, twenty two Sacred-Hearts brothers and sisters from different corners of the world have been sharing a portion of their spiritual life together in some historic places of our Congregation in France and Belgium. The program they are participating is called Picpus Session 2012.

   The coordinator of the Session is Fr.Bernard Couronne, assisted by a serving team of six senior members of the Congregation: Osvaldo Aparicio (Spain), Carlos Barahona (Spain), Jeanne Cadiou (France/Québec), Fernando Cordero (Spain), Marie-Lucie Géniteau (France/Québec) and Eric Hernout (France).

   Fr. Santhosh Thottankara,ss.cc shares how the experience has enriched him.

Hearts Connect to Drink from the Source

   The Picpus Session 2012 invited the participants beautifully in a prayerful atmosphere to drink from the source of our Heritage as SS.CC. Indeed it has been a wonderful pilgrimage to our founders and to the origin of our existence as Sacred Hearts family. 
   One of the outstanding feelings was that of Sacredness, as the history unfolded in front of us tangibly through the visits to its original places: we felt a throb of fire within to remove our sandals because we are treading on Holy Ground; a zeal to drink deeply in awe and wonder.
   It was an experience that touches the core of each participant as an SS.CC. member and as a follower of Christ. The inputs were well organized, and the tours to the places of our founders as well as Fr.Damien fitted well like a "God Experience"- our God didn’t remain as an idea, but became tangible and real as Human. This would echo in our hearts, and resound in the lives of us all every day.
   To us this is an experience that helped us to put together the pieces of history we have heard from the beginning of our journey as SS.CC. It’s an experience that has become the source and food for the rest of our journey as witnesses to God's love. It’s an experience that made us love, admire and embrace the Charism and our founders dearly. It’s an experience that has challenged each one to be a better SS.CC. member.
It inspires me to move with love and smile, and to invite others to drink from the hearts of Jesus and Mary unceasingly. This is the fruit of hearts connecting with the roots.
with love and prayers,

FrSanthosh Thottankara. sscc