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Our economy (Enlarged General Council)

Friday, 8 September, the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, revolved around our economy and finances, led by the General Treasurer, Nacho Moreno. It is a theme that has already appeared in previous Enlarged General Councils. We delved into the financial situation of the Congregation and its impact on our SSCC religious life and mission, with the invitation to be more supportive of each other and of missionary work. The Econome General offers his analysis of the economic situation with the data of previous years.

The following three questions are discussed in groups:

  1. What can we draw from this analysis and its conclusions?
  2. What issues should the General Chapter work on?
  3. What do we want to implement or put into operation after the Extended General Council in our local, larger or regional community and in the Congregation?

In all the canonical visitations the economic issue is becoming more and more important, where the government raises important questions. The role of the General Government with the General Treasurer is that of monitoring.

At the present time in the Congregation, we have to be clear that in the area of finances it is good for us to let ourselves be helped. Such help can be sought from the General Government or from the General Treasurer. On the other hand, it is important to believe that the goods we have belong to the Congregation and are at the service of the Congregation. It is important to reinforce the interdependence in the financial area and how to make the economy a synodal area.

The confreres were grateful for the service of the General Treasurer.

The liturgy of the day, Eucharist and adoration, was animated by the brothers and sisters from India and French Polynesia.

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