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Ongoing Formation - CIAL Treasurers (Brs)

   The provincial, vice-provincial and regional treasurers of CIAL met in Santiago, Chile at the Casa Padre Damián in Macul from Tuesday, May 22nd to Monday May 28th. The main focus of the week was a workshop on the basic principles of accounting, presented by the General Econome, Ed Popish. The workshop covered basic theory of double entry accounting, analysis of transactions and journal entries, T-Accounts, closing the fiscal year and preparation of a balance sheet and income statement. Additional topics presented by Ms. Angélica Ponce, administrator of the Chilean Bishops Conference included: “Sharing Goods in Common”: the work of the treasurer; “Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility”; and Pastoral Planning and Budgets. The treasurers attending were: Sérgio Stein (Brazil) Fernando Léon (Chile), Arnoldo Castañeda (Colombia), Victor Gualán (Ecuador), Nurmy García (Mexico), Arnaldo Jara (Paraguay) and Paulino Colqui Ccori (Peru). Carlos Mendoza, Provincial Superior of Mexico and Vinicius Maciel Coordinator of CIAL also attended the workshop.
   On Monday May 28th the provincial, vice-provincial and regional superiors and General Councilor Felipe Lazcano joined the treasurers for a day of discussion. During the morning session, there was a review of the common annual report format for sending financial statements to the Generalate, and each treasurer presented their reports for the fiscal year 2011. The discussions of the afternoon centered on topics the treasurers had proposed. Among these were: budgeting, looking for alternative sources of income, sharing of goods and transparency, problems arising from having very short-term treasurers, and an evaluation of the function of the CIAL Financial Commission.