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Meeting of local superiors and regional coordinators (Indonesia)

To follow up the virtual meeting last May 7, 2022, regional coordinators  and 12 local superiors met in Batam Oase Center, Batam. In the first day of this meeting, local superior shared the condition of their communities with the guide questions and assessments given to all community members and summon by local superiors. Provincial concluded the first day with a reflection of the role of Moses in leadership as a model for leadership of Local Superiors ant its implication from our constitution and the book on “animation of the SSCC Life and Mission”, part one.  In the second day, Fr. Anton presented the program of 100 hundred years SSCC presence and mission in Indonesia, and provincial added the schedule of Canonical visit Father General and council as well as Enlarge General Council that will take place in Bandung. Based on these information, each region, Jawa, Sumatra, and Batam gathered and planed their activities. After regional discussion, a report was made and all the activities were put together into province calendar.

In the last day, we shared our communities PARL, hoping that we learn from another community so that after this meeting, every local community will meet and reintegrate what is new, necessary and interesting to their community. In between, we also take our time to share our financial situation and encourage each other in supporting our province financially. Provincial who concluded this meeting, expressed his gratitude and thanked by giving to all local superiors for their role and participation in this meeting. He also thanked the BOC team who facilitated our needs along these three days of meeting. The next meeting will be a virtual meeting in October 2022.