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Meeting of Brothers of the “Third Stage” (Brs)

   From the 9th to the 12th of April the meeting of brothers of the “third stage” (over 70 years old) took place in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid). The theme of the meeting revolved around making memory of our ss.cc. martyrs within the framework of the Year of Faith. About 30 brothers have attended the encounter, which has been animated by Fernando Cordero ss.cc.

   During those days the atmosphere of prayer was given a special attention, as well as togetherness, with celebrations of the Eucharist, adoration and prayers. Especially significant was the prayer in the “Piedra del Mochuleo” (the stone owl), where Fr. Teófilo Fernández de Legaria ss.cc. was martyred. The sisters of the community in St. Lorenzo de El Escorial joined for this prayer, directed by Conrad Monreal ss.cc.

   After framing the martyrdom in the Christian theology and spirituality, there was a review of the biography of each of our five martyrs, in order to have a grateful memory of them and to be challenged by them. Also attending the encounter was Juan Rubio, the editor of the review “Vida Nueva” (one of the most prestigious in Spanish language), who showed us the challenges for the Church in the Year of Faith.

   Then there was a joyous and festive time – the concert-prayer by the singer Maite López. Also the film "Of Gods and Men"was shown, which was about the martyrdom of monks in Algeria. Afterward the participants worked in groups.

   The meeting ended with a discussion on the letter of the Superior General about the martyrs, also working in small groups, and with the evaluation. The final Eucharist was presided by the Provincial Superior, Enrique Losada ss.cc.