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Initial Formation gathering (Brs & Srs)

   Every year, in late February there is the traditional gathering of brothers and sisters in initial formation, including the candidates up to those preparing for final vows. This year the event was prepared by Beatriz, Susana and Rosario, sisters in temporary vows living in Salamanca.

   It was a weekend of "freezing cold" in the house of the Sisters in El Escorial. It was the moment to get to know each other. New faces: Laura and Elena (Spanish prenovices) and Marie (French prenovice), along with Svieta, the formator of the pre-novitiate in France. Absent due to distance were Marina (in Leuven) and Maria Mar (in Manila); and due to obligations of the mission: Juan Manuel Mula and Paco Piñero (formators).

   After a time of prayer, with the presence of the full General Government of the sisters, came the presentation of theme of the meeting: Prophetism. It helped to review life in terms of the call of God, the situations of injustice, the experience of God ... to finally be able to share in groups what each one is living at present. One of the working dynamics were the workshops on various prophets: Habakkuk, Hosea, Amos and Isaiah.

   Sunday Mass was celebrated with the rest of the sisters in the house. Marie showed her magnificent voice singing the Kyrie. After the Eucharist, the program continued with reflection on the difficulties of prophecy today, helped by a talk given by Mercedes Bayo ss.cc. Finally, using videos previously prepared, being highlighted were the prophetic traits that each one is living today.

   The participants thanked all the organizers for their dedicated effort and for the love they put into every detail.