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GUIDE to know better this new web site


"Only for SSCC”: The password is the same as for the previous site. If you do not know it, please ask the General Secretariat. In this section are the INFO, Necrology and individual photos of brothers and sisters, all together and divided by countries.

"Navigation bar": There is a "superior" one and an "inferior" one (at the bottom of the page, with circles).  Click on the titles and the corresponding page will open, some of them have other interior pages (e.g. Congregation contains 4 pages) .

      Note - The "Resources" section is still empty.

Quotes from the Founders (and Constitutions): are displayed every day: one of the Good Father and another of the Good Mother (and on some days also of the Constitutions) . To see them all click on the phrase of the day.

"On this date”: it is a historical calendar which usually appears on the home page. The entries begin with the earliest date; to view more events on that date, click on "read more" .

SS.CC. Blog: clicking on the box opens a new page, that of the blog, which has its own operating system.

SSCC Library:  clicking this box you access the library. You can also access it by clicking on Library on the navigation bar above or below (the circles).

The SSCC Library is not yet complete; there are documents to be introduced. As new documents are elaborated they will also be introduced. We all are invited to enrich our library.

News: On the home page are displayed the last 5 news. To see previous news you must click on the word News on the red bar above, or to access through the "Archives" (gray box).

Archives (gray box): in this box are the latest updates on the page, i.e. the last posted items, and an archive of news and obituaries.

"Becoming SS.CC.” (changing red box): Clicking here opens a new page for vocation promotion in all three languages.

"Focus”: The first of these boxes is a SSCC Calendar which offers congregational agenda for the coming weeks. The others connect to pages dedicated to particular events.

"Presence": On the navigation bar there is a title that opens a page with an interactive map. Clicking on a geographic area of the map, or in the index on the left, you can access the list of countries where we are present. Clicking on the index in a country on the left displays a table with information about the Congregation in that country. At the top of the table there is a link to group photos of that country.

Photos: The home page displays the photos of the last few days. By clicking on "click here to see more” several "albums" related to various events will show up.


ENJOY and COLLABORATE with the new web site!  Thanks! 



  • 1. Bill Petrie, ss.cc. ha scritto il 12/08/2014 alle 19:14:

    The SSCC Rome newsletter and archive material is a wealth of knowledge.With such a resource, every SSCC can be a mentor//formator.
    Thank you for the enrichment.
    Bill Petrie, ss.cc.

  • 2. Felipe F. Lazcano sscc ha scritto il 02/08/2014 alle 06:51:

    El 38º Capítulo General, de septiembre 2012, encargó al Gobierno General que continúe la Causa de beatificación de los cuatro hermanos sscc "Mártires de la Comuna de París". 

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