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Fourth Chapter of the Vice-Province of Colombia (Brs)

   From 21 to 25 of January we have experienced the fourth Vice-Provincial Chapter of Colombia, characterized by an encounter of fraternal, prayerful and reflective community. These aspects have accompanied the development of the chapter. There has been a significant reflection on the different situations of the vice-province, and that has led to the development of action-plans leading to the actual care of every brother and the whole vice-province.

   The liturgical dynamic of the chapter has been illuminated by the witness of life and faith of brothers that throughout the history of the Congregation have left their footprints: Damian of Molokai, Eustaquio Van Lieshout and the five Spanish martyr brothers.

   In this same spirit, the new government has been elected, composed of Arley Guarín Sosa (vice-provincial), León Silva Marín (Vicar), Elí Perdomo Perdomo and Luis Alberto Hernández Pineda (councilors). Similarly, the chapter thanked the outgoing government for everything they have done in the service to the brethren of the vice-province.

   Attending the Chapter are Felipe F. Lazcano, representing the General Government, and Raúl Pariamachi, Provincial Superior of Peru (province to which Colombia belongs). Sister Cristina Ángel, representing the provincial government of sisters, also accompanied in one session of the Chapter.

   The Chapter concluded with the Eucharist animated by the new government, where our brother Isaac Moreno Moreno renewed his vows for two years.

   On Saturday January 26th, our novice brother Elkin Jair Collazos, professed his first vows. Likewise the brothers of the Vice-Province were present, as well as Enrique Ramirez Capetillo (Mexico) and David de la Torre (superior of the vice-province of Ecuador), who had come to Bogotá to work in the preparation of the meeting “Around Final Vows” in Spanish that will take place in Colombia towards the end of 2013.