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Financial solidarity

On Thursday, 10 June, the Council of the Congregation and the Extended General Council was devoted to finances and solidarity. Evelyne Royer and Nacho Moreno, Bursars General Economes, lead the session.

Martin Königstein opened the session with a prayer. 

Evelyne and Nacho introduce the topic by starting with the question: Why is it important to talk about economy and solidarity economy? They offered us some reasons not to separate economy from mission, in a time when we are living in a time of limitation and decrease of resources.


  • The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years with the development of the internet.
  • The globalisation of the economy makes things more complicated.
  • The world is becoming more and more demanding.
  • The pandemic has changed us: increasing poverty, neglect, injustice, throw away culture.
  • We have a huge problem with the environment and human ecology.
  • The pandemic opens us to other possibilities: generating good economic practices (fewer people at our service, the talents of the brothers and sisters at the service of all, brothers and sisters who have learned new things, we have taken care of each other).
  • The Congregation has changed: we are down to 620 brothers and 415 sisters. As we are shrinking, so are our capacities and possibilities. We need projects and works to sustain us.
  • Money is the nerve of the war.
  • We have to secure our future, which is to take care of our elders to the end in the best possible way. Ensuring that initial training can go ahead. Many of the young people who want to enter the Congregation are from countries with fewer resources. We must ensure the continuity of missionary and apostolic projects with resources.
  • We need resources, but not at any price. What is our way of life? Are our works in solidarity?


The general economes pose two questions for brothers and sisters for further group work:

  • How can we improve information and transparency in the economy?
  • How can we significantly reduce our needs?

The meeting ended with a plenary session in which we were able to reach to what was shared in the groups and a prayer inspired by the Gospel, the Founders and Damien.