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Final profession of three Indonesian brothers (Brs)

   On July 3rd, three brothers from Indonesian province: Bro. Bonivasius Taran Kokomaking SSCC (Bro. Asran), Bro. Petrus Ado Belalawe SSCC (Bro. Rusni) and Bro. Paulus Uung Ungkara SSCC (Bro. Uung) made their final professions in the solemn mass in Grya Tyas Dalem (The House of the Sacred Heart) Yogyakarta

   The Provincial of SSCC Indonesia province, Fr. Yohanes Antun Wardoyo SSCC accepted their final commitment in the name of the Church and of the Congregation. In his homily, Fr. Antun said that the vocation to be a religious is a grace given by God. The reality nowadays shows many challenges to live out the vow of chastity, poverty and obedience but it does not mean that we gave up to this situation. We must have a faith to God and believe that God will give us His blessing so that we can strong enough to follow Him and to be a witness of His love.

   Bro. Asran, Rusni and Uung chose the theme for their professions “… How great indeed is His love for me…" (2 Sam 22:20). The mass and the celebration were attended more than 300 peoples from others religious congregations including family members, friends, relatives and some benefactors. They came to give their supports and pray together so that Bro. Asran, Rusni and Uung can be a good SSCC religious and always faithful to their vocation.