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Feasts of St. Joseph and the Good Father

Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Joseph, the principal patron of our Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. This is a good day to remember to pray for vocations to religious life and, in particular, to the Congregation. In a few days we will celebrate our Founder, the Good Father. We provide you with the ending of the letter of the Superior General in INFO, where he refers to reparative love and some suggestive words of the Founder:

Reparative love

This month in which we celebrate the Good Father, his birth and death, is a good time for us to let resound in us his first words, less known perhaps, in which he expresses his vision of the Congregation. In one of his writings, addressed to the Bishop of Poitiers and requesting Diocesan Approval of the Congregation, he describes his mission:

“A double association under the title of zealots of the love of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary... forever useful to those members of Jesus Christ who are suffering and are persecuted". (Petition to the Bishop of Poitiers, 22nd May, 1802).

The reparative mission of the members of the congregation is our response an ardour and a zeal for the work of God, by making our own the feelings of the heart of Jesus and of Mary's heart. And it is also to walk together as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, placing ourselves resolutely on the side of those members who suffer and are persecuted.

In our local community, in our pastoral service we have to let the questions that come to us from Jesus and from the young people and from victims of child abuse resonate with us:  Whose side are we on?  For whom are we spending our lives?  In our response, Jesus is waiting for us.