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Feast of the Good Mother (Rome)

On 23 November the communities of sscc brothers and sisters in Rome celebrated the feast of the Good Mother at the General House in Via Aurelia. The two communities - almost complete - came together again after being away for canonical visits to Spain and Ireland-England. Fr. Angelo Marcandella, who is spending a few days at the Via Rivarone house, also joined us.

Sudhir Nayak presided at the Eucharist, during which he referred to the three stages of the spiritual journey of the Foundress of the spiritual journey of the Foundress:

1.  An interior journey - Abandonment of the world.

2.  A moment of silence - Union with God

3. A call to love - Service to her people

 "When her human freedom was imprisoned, she began an inner journey towards God with a true freedom of the heart. She began this journey in search of the true purpose of life with a sense of abandonment of the world," Sudhir pointed out in the homily.

Speaking about the second stage of her spiritual journey Sudhir went on to say “Her disposition before the altar of the Lord was one of complete silence. She would spend hours of silence before the Altar of the Lord. In the silence of her heart, she listened to God," he emphasised as the second stage of Henrietta Aymer's spiritual journey.

Sudhir concluded  with these words:  "From these moments of silence before the Lord, she received a call, a call to love. She recognised the Lord incarnated in her suffering brothers and sisters. She offered herself as a candle to be consumed by the love of God and his purposes”. 

After the Eucharist, brothers and sisters gathered around a festive table to continue the celebrations.