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Feast of Sacred Hearts (Poland)

From 6 to 9 june the Secular Branch held a retreat in the monastery of Christ the King, Polanica-Zdrój. The group was joined by 12 new people who came to see what the lay association was about. The gathering started on Thursday evening with Mass at 6 pm. Later the group met for supper and Rosary. The next day, Friday, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a conference was given about the family spirit in our Congregation which we share with 3rd Branch.

At 3pm in the afternoon, people gathered to celebrate the way of cross. At 6 pm Mass was celebrated by Fr. Kamil Wawro sscc who is responsible for the Lay Association and a homily was given by Fr. Józef Kucinski sscc who spoke about the tradition of the cult of the Heart of Jesus. Later the group who attended Mass met for a shared meal. On the Feast of Heart of Mary members of the 3rd Branch had a chance to share and explain to newcomers how they live their devotion to Sacred Hearts.

At 11 am there was Mass in which the members renewed their commitment to the Sacred Hearts. This year the Mass was joined by children from nearby dioceses who had made their first communion. Once again a meal and recreation followed. In the evening the group met to share on the value of our charism and this was followed by Night adoration. On Sunday, after breakfast, there was time for a talk and walk. Once again we celebrated mass at 11 am with parishioners and concluded with lunch. 

Many of the new people who attended the meeting were attracted by what they say regarding the Third Branch and expressed their wish to come again.