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Father Eustaquio School (Kinshasa)


The Father Eustaquio School is the fruit of a decision made by the 7th Provincial Chapter that was held in Kinshasa in August 2019. Its completion is thanks to the efforts made by several Provinces and Delegations of the Congregation, and in a special way to the Episcopal Conference of Italy. Work began in 2020 and was completed in 2024.

The School has two levels and a first floor. Its total capacity is around 1,000 students. The School opened its doors last year and today, in 2024, it has 168 students (from kindergarten to primary 5). Thanks be to God, the school is growing.

The presence of the School in the area has brought relief to many parents. Ordinarily, they would have to travel far to find a quality school. The parents never stop thanking the Congregation for putting their requests and prayers into practice.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the realization of our dream as a Province. We know that we still have much to do, not least to ensure a high quality of teaching and formation.

In the same School building, we have also created a Medical Technical Institute, called Father KADUMU (ITPK). This institute will train quality nurses to ensure the health of the Congolese population. It is in its first year, and already boasts 44 students.

The School offers breakfast to students every morning. Due to a lack of funds, we are only able to give breakfast to the youngest children (48) and to those who are in the 1st Year (35). Our aim is to provide breakfast for all Primary pupils.

As a school in progress, we are still short of furniture (desks, teachers' tables, computer equipment, etc.). We still have a great need in this area.


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