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Meeting of the 4 provincials of CEA who have persons in formation

On Monday, 23 May 2022, a meeting of the four provincials of CEA  who have members in formation took place at 3 pm (Italy time) via zoom. The purpose of the meeting was to continue the reflection and to make some concrete decisions on IF at CEA Conference level. Present were: Camille Sapu (Provincial of Africa), Aurelio Cayon Diaz (Provincial of Iberia), Wojciech Kotowski (Provincial of Poland), Christian Flottes (Provincial of France-Polynesia) ;

Guests: Martin Königstein (Provincial of Germany and coordinator of CEA), José Luis Pérez Catañeda (Coordinator of CEA IF) and Jean Blaise Mwanda (translator).

Two points were on the agenda: the February meeting of formators in Europe and some important proposals that were contained in the letter of the CEA  formators to the respective provincials.

Some important decisions:

- The four provincials agreed to participate in the meeting of the brothers and sisters in formation in February of each year. The brothers from Poland will participate in February 2023. If there is a brother from Africa in formation in Spain, he will also be able to participate.


The international meeting of the 4th stage as foreseen in the decisions of the 39th GC and also in the general plan of IF of the Congregation. Let us hope that Covid-19 will give us time to carry out this decision of the General Chapter in 2022-2023.

- Formation of formators: today this is a need that is felt throughout the Congregation. There are many changes in society and in the church. This sign of the times is the right moment for an aggiornamento. For what kind of religious life do we want to form our young formandees?  

It is no longer the time to rely on one’s own provincial and national structures.  Rather, we must embrace our fragility together as a Congregation. It is time to think about the structures of collaboration in the Congregation. It is by uniting that we can face the current challenges of our society and IF.  It is said that "there is strength in numbers”.