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First meeting of the 4th stage 2023

On Friday 24 February, the first meeting of the 4th Stage 2023 took place, via zoom, starting at 4.30 pm (Italian time). The theme was: "The experience of poverty, chastity and obedience", based on two reflections by Alberto Toutin: "The unimaginable and inspiring power of the vows” (Cfr Info 145) and  "Seduced by the Lord: the inexhaustible source of the vow of poverty, chastity and obedience” (Cahiers de Spiritualité, No. 25 ). The moderator was Alexis Nayak sscc. He gave a brief introduction and asked some questions for the language group reflection:

- How has your local community and your local church been your source of strength, nourishment and inspiration today?
- How can you be a source of inspiration for your brothers and sisters in religious communities, especially those who succeed you?
Afterwards there was a plenary sharing from each language group, followed by reactions and comments. "We see that there is no openness and transparency in the community. We are very busy with phones and social networks. We don't have time to share about our lives and experiences", said one participant. Another participant pointed out that "when the older brothers are models of enthusiasm and zeal for the mission, it encourages and motivates us as young people. The older brothers say one thing to the younger members and then go away and do the opposite").
16 brothers in all participated:  1 (Brazil), 1 (USA), 2 (Philippines), 2 (India), 5 (Indonesia) and 5 (Africa).