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Homage to Fr. Damião Kleverkamp sscc (Brazil)

On Saturday 13 August, during the feast of Saint Emídio, patron of the Parish of Santo Emídio in Vila Prudente (Brazil), homage was paid homage to Fr. Damião Kleverkamp sscc, first parish priest and founder of the Christian Workers' Circle and of the Parish College (today John XXIII College). 
A bust of Fr. Damião was unveiled in the square that bears his name. This tribute marks the 75th anniversary of his death.
The auxiliary bishop of São Paulo, Mgr. Cícero Alves de França, the municipal councillor, Edir Sales, the sub-mayor Elizete, the president of the Workers' Circle, Mr. Newton Zadra, were present as were Edmar Aparecido, SSCC and Edvaldo Carneiro, sscc.
The ceremony was animated by the band of the Municipal Guard and the Rouxinol Choir, accompanied by a large number of parishioners.

Biography of Fr. Damião Kleverkamp sscc
He was born on August 6, 1898 in the city of Deventer, Holland. At the age of 13 he entered the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. He was ordained a priest in 1926. In 1927 he was sent to the mission in Brazil, where he was a teacher and parish priest in Patrocínio, MG. At the end of 1938 he was sent to build the Cristo Rey Apostolic School in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, SP.
In 1939, the Archbishop of São Paulo invited the Congregation to establish a new parish in Vila Prudente, and Fr. Damião was chosen to take over as parish priest. He arrived in Vila Prudente on 4 December 1939. In the few years he remained in the community he founded the Christian Workers' Circle, the parish school and started the construction of the new church. 
For health reasons Fr. Damião was transferred to Rio de Janeiro, where he died on 15 April 1947.