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Educational challenges in light of the Synod (Chile)

Representatives of the SSCC Schools in Santiago (Manquehue), Viña del Mar (Padres Franceses), Concepción and Valparaíso (Damian of Molokai) met at the Sanctuary of Santa Teresa de Los Andes from 5-7 January, 2022. These are the four educational centres that are staffed by our congregation in Chile (brothers) and the representatives came together to reflect on the common challenges that unite them.

About 30 members from the management staff of our sscc schools took the break to have a community and work meeting, and to reflect on their work of education. The meeting  began on Wednesday, 5 January and had as its first theme, "The Synod and the challenges for our SS.CC. educational works" directed by the coordinator of the Synod of Education, José Luis Valdés.

On Thursday, 6 January there was a presentation of the congregation's guidelines for the building of good safeguarding environments.  This presentation was given by the coordinator of this area, Javiera Albornoz, who also looked into the topic of communications and crisis management, as she is also the person responsible for these areas. 

Likewise, following the methodology of ‘see-judge-act’, the provincial, René Cabezón, emphasized the need to be attentive to reality in all its dimensions and places: personal, congregational, church and society in Chile and the world and how, above all, do these realities dialogue with the spirituality from which the call to conversion is born.  The Provincial noted how the meeting took place in "a very fraternal atmosphere, motivated by the fact that it has been three years since they met in person".