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DSDI: a day program for youth about Career Guidance and Personality Development INDIA)

Education and educated people are the backbone for any prosperous society and country. In Indian context and with special reference to the state of Odisha there are many poor people who are unable to afford paid quality education. As a result at the end of their education they find themselves nowhere. Hence DSDI has taken initiative in providing free tuitions for school going children from class I to VIII in slums and villages.

                       Headquaters of DSDI

DSDI is a NGO which has its origin in the “Damien Institute” created by Bill Petrie sscc in 1985. When in 2003 , the Congregation in India got its juridical personality as PAVITRA HRUDAYA SANGHA (SS.CC), a “Charitable Trust”, DSDI became a branch of it. At that time Alexis Nayak sscc was the President and Subal Nayak sscc was the Director of DSDI. Currently animated by sscc brothers and sisters in India, continues dedicated to the promotion and care of leprosy patients and other marginalized people. Its headquartered is in Bhubaneswar (Odhissa).

DSDI has 13 tuition free centers in different slums and villages where 355 children are benefitting from our educational service. DSDI also has a hostel for college boys and there are 29 students this year.

DSDI provides sponsorship for higher education for youths from financially poor families mostly for the students coming from leprosy affected families. This year DSDI has sponsored about 100 poor and vulnerable students to pursue their higher studies in different colleges and universities. DSDI not only looks into academic excellence of the sponsored students but takes extra responsibility to mend and mold these youth towards making them good person in the society.

Hence DSDI often organizes such convention to infuse and inculcate social and professional values and ethics. Thus on 8th February 2014 DSDI organized youth programme on theme “Career Guidance and Personality Development” for all the young DSDI sponsored students. It was a full day programme. There were inputs on various topics such as Life Skill, Personality Development and Career Guadiance, and Motivation by various competent and qualified speakers for the first half of the day. 

There were three speakers. Mr. Duryodhan Sahoo, the president of Gandhipalli Leprosy Colony highlighted on the Life Skills, Mr. Sanjeeb Nayak, one of DSDI Staff stressed on personality development and choosing good career and finally Mrs. Nibedita Nayak, Administration Manager, from Centurion University emphasized on the need of motivation today. The Chief Guest Mr. K. K. Roy, an Advocate in the Income Tax Department, highlighted on youth and their role in the society. 


He said the youths are the backbone of our society today and their role in very important for the transformation of the society. Therefore, he stressed that positive thinking is a must in order to bring about changes and to succeed in life.

In the second half of the day, the students presented colourful cultural programmes. The day came to an end with lots of fun and laughter. Thanks everybody for being part of this programme with various capacity and especial thanks to DSDI Staff for their wonderful cooperation.

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