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Damian Celebration and Provincial Assembly in Mexico (Brs)

The spirit of our sscc family does not only live among the brothers, in one way or another it is also emerging in our presence where we serve. So in an atmosphere of brotherhood, church community, the parishes that we serve in the province of Mexico, we have all gathered together on 11 October to celebrate Damien of Molokai. In the spirit that has set us on the spiritual journey of the Congregation, the brothers wanted to share the wealth of the testimony of Damien with the lay people who are with us.

Since very early different communities began to arrive in the parish of San Isidro Labrador, which was waiting with open arms. And thus the celebration began, from the arrival time till the end different groups shared their talents and abilities. From poetry, song, dance and theater it was revealed what Damian has left us, and curiously still keeping us wondering at this time.

The celebration of the Eucharist was a moment to discover what it means to give life, to go where nobody wants to go, and when one is capable of loving, it is precisely this love that leads us out of our comfort zones to go and meet others, especially the ones who are more in need of God's love. Damian challenges all of us, especially the religious brothers.

After the table of the Eucharist we continue with the table of sharing together. Table where we all share what we have and given whole heartedly and for many more. All are invited to the party.

Assembly on 13 October 2014

As has been the tradition, brothers of the province of Mexico gathered for our provincial assembly in October. Definitely the assembly was marked by communal prayer, after the light of a document have deepened the driving force to continue the discernment for our upcoming 14th provincial chapter.

Subsequently, the provincial shared with us about the Enlarged General Council (CGA) and also how to begin a discernment to show the brothers who in the near future would perform the role of animation in the province.

We finished our reflections with a celebration of the birthday of our brother Nurmy García, and with sharing food together, everyone went back to their communities to continue discovering what God asks of us.