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Celebration of the memory of St Damian in Poland


Celebration of the memory of St Damian in Poland

On 10th May, we celebrated the memory of St Damian the missionary of Molokai. In his honour there was a festival, Mass, the reception of the habit by a novice and several other events. Here is a report from some of the venues:


Christ the King Monastery

On the morning of 10th May, we had Mass, and the Novice, Maciej Koscielniak received the religious habit. Father Kamil Wawro, Novice Master, after a sermon in which he spoke about the need for service, gave the habit and from that moment, novice Maciej can wear a tunic with a belt. He will receive the scapular on the day, please God, he takes his First Vows.


Stara Lomnica

On the evening of 10th May, there was a feast in honour of St Damian which took place in the parish of St Margaret Martyr in Stara Lomnica. The Mass was presided over and the sermon given by Father Radoslaw Ziezio, parish priest from Gorzanów. In his sermon, he pointed out that with the transfer of the statue of St Damian from the monastery to Lomnica, a great work was initiated. He summarised this period by recounting the gradual development of the devotion to St Damian. In the second part of his homily, he spoke of the great influence of the family upbringing on Damian’s vocation. The veneration that is given to St Damian every month in Lomnica is perhaps the only one in the world. Every 10th day of the month, many people come to Mass to ask favours through St Damian’s intercession, followed by a service in his honour and the veneration of his relics.


Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

On the evening of 10th May, at 8 p.m., a Mass was celebrated to conclude the Rosary Jericho. After the Mass, the Fatima Group Night pilgrimage set off. About 50 people made the 33-kilometre pilgrimage with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. During the night, walking with the statue and the Blessed Sacrament, they carried their requests and prayers to Mary and were accompanied by the beautiful phenomenon of the aurora borealis.


Damian Festival today

On 11th May, the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Help of Christians in Wroclaw traditionally holds a festival in honour of St Damian. This year it started with Holy Mass at 12.00 noon, presided over by Bishop Maciej Malyga, who honoured us with his presence, for the third time at these festivities. During the sermon, the Bishop went to where the children were gathered and it was to them in particular that he spoke about St Damian. After the solemn Mass there was a family picnic with many attractions for children. 


All these events show how much veneration St Damian enjoys and that he continues to inspire us to holiness.