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Canonical Visitation to the Province of Mexico (Brs.)

The canonical visitation of the General Government to the Province of Mexico took place from 2-22 May, 2022. Thomas Sukotriraharjo and Fernando Cordero met with 18 brothers and one postulant. They held a meeting with the five ss.cc. communities of the Province and two meetings with the provincial government. They also met with the pastoral councils of the following parishes: Sacred Hearts, Most Holy Trinity, San Isidro, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Precious Blood. In San Pedro de Cuayuca they visited several chapels. In most of the places we celebrated the Eucharist and shared a time of fellowship with the laity. In these communities one can see how involved the laity are, in communion with the diocesan Church and the pastoral and missionary conversion guidelines of our 39th General Chapter.

The biblical passage about Emmaus inspired our 39th General Chapter, particularly the document "Pastoral and Missionary Conversion: New Roads to Emmaus". On the way to Emmaus we can let the Risen One approach us or, on the contrary, we can stop in sadness, discouragement or passivity, and this fail to reach the moment of the breaking of the bread, the expression of encounter, recognition and ardor that lead to the mission of announcing the joy of the Gospel. The visitors found in some of the brothers a certain tiredness, but also a determination to God and the brothers through their religious life and their involvement in the mission. Thomas and Fernando highlighted a number of values that they found in the sscc brothers in Mexico, along with some challenges. They underlined some points of the report that they shared in the Provincial Assembly:

* Given the number of brothers and the number of works, there is need to think of restructuring in such a way that priority is given to the fraternal life, the inner self and mission - all forming part and key for pastoral and missionary conversion, for being present in places that represent a challenge for evangelization, such as in Cuayuca. That is to say, to take into account the missionary dynamism of our ss.cc. vocation and the attention to the margins to which Pope Francis calls us.

 * The work and commitment to Pastoral Youth/Vocation ministry (PJV) is valued. It is suggested that the Youth and Vocation Ministry Commission, in addition to young brothers, includes  brothers of other ages thus becoming intergenerational and contributing ideas and involvement. Financial investment in Vocation Pastoral (VP). Each brother is a pastoral agent, through his pastoral activity or prayer. Accompany young university students and young professionals. Open the communities to young people who want to have a community experience.

The younger brothers should formulate their dreams and proposals for a religious life that wants to respond to today's society in a fraternal, dedicated and creative way. We invite them to participate in and actively contribute to the provincial project. In the conversations and meetings with the laity of the various works, the Visitors perceived a desire to live the synodal style. In this historical moment, the new way of being and doing in the Church, walking together, is the condition for responding in an evangelical way and out of our ss.cc. charism to the current challenges. Today's Church and society require us to exercise ourselves in the prophetic ministry of the community.  To commit ourselves to the utopia of brotherhood is the most authentic witness that we can give in today's community. 

Link to the photo gallery of the visit: https://bit.ly/39MP4TW