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Canonical Visit to Chile (Sisters)

After the visit to the communities and projects in Paraguay, we returned to Chile, took a day of rest and headed south to start with the community of San José de Pemuco, which was founded a few months ago and with the new experience of being the "parish priests" in this local church, appointed by our brother Bishop Sergio Pérez de Arce.

So from south to north, we visited the communities of El Carmen, San Javier; in Santiago the community of La Buena Madre and Cleónisse. Then we went to the coast, starting with the community of the elderly sisters in Santa Inés and the community of the Heart of Mary, both of which are in Viña del Mar. Further inland we have the Good Father community in Limache.

It was very pleasant to share with the sisters, they were very prepared for the visit and shared with us what they are living, their community projects, and we participated in some meetings and celebrations.

In Chile there are 4 schools, in all of them we met with the Management Teams, where they shared with us the difficult experience they had to go through during the years of the pandemic, and how they managed to respond to the challenges faced by students, families, teachers and staff in general. And this year, the four schools are attending the students in person and are very challenged to creatively assist them in all the consequences that the pandemic has left, in their behaviour, emotionally and mentally, both with the students, their parents and teachers.

Another project is the SS.CC. Charitable Foundation which takes in older adults in beautiful premises and has a kindergarten which cares for children, from babies from a few months old to pre-school, to welcome them and to attend to all their needs.

We also met with communities of the Secular Branch, most of them are meeting again in person, continuing with their formation and being able to update the renewal of their commitments.