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Beatification of the Martyrs of the religious persecution in Spain, in October 2013

   At the end of the Plenary Assembly of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference on April 27, they published the following communiqué

"As part of the Year of Faith (October 11, 2012-October 24, 2013), the Pastoral Plan reminds us, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, “the martyrs gave their life for the faith as a witness of the truth of the Gospel, which had transformed them and enabled them to even give the greatest gift of love forgiving their persecutors.”
The pilgrim Church in Spain has been graced with a great number of such witnesses, specially chosen by the Lord. In the Pastoral Plan special mention is made of the martyrs of the twentieth century who are great intercessors “and a worthy inspiration to confess the faith wholly and courageously.” Some one thousand of them have already been canonized or beatified and another large number will be beatified in the near future. The Plan specifically lists as one element the preparation and celebration of a beatification of Spanish martyrs of the twentieth century in October 2013. The place for the celebration will be announced at the appropriate time.”

Among those to be beatified are our five brothers.

Fr. Teófilo (Benjamín) Fernández de Legaria Goñi ss.cc.
 Fr. Isidro (Juan) Iñiguez de Ciriano Abechuco ss.cc.
 Fr. Gonzalo (Fortunato) Barrón Nanclares ss.cc.
 Fr. Eladio (Leoncio) López Ramos ss.cc.
 Fr. Mario (Luis) Ros Ezcurra ss.cc.

Pope Benedict XVI promulgated the decree declaring these servants of God to be martyrs on July 3, 2009.

We are happy and proud that these five witnesses to the faith are members of our Congregation.

Teófilo Isidro Gonzalo Eladio Mario