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  • 26.04.2012Meeting of the Finance Commission of the CEA (Brs) (Photo: Martin Königstein, Paul Aerts, Álvaro de Luxán, Ed Popish, Derek Laverty, Christian Flottes, José Manuel Belza, Ryszard Koscicki, and Alex Aarts) The finance commission of the CEA met on April 25th and 26th at the Provincial House of ...

  • 10.04.2012Provincial Chapter in Germany 2012 (Brs)   From April 09 to 12, the province of German is celebrating its the provincial chapter in Lahnstein. There are 14 members of the chapter. Radek Ziezio, the council general is also attending.

  • 10.04.201210th Provincial Chapter in Poland (Brs)      From April 10 to 13, the province of Poland is celebrating its 10th provincial chapter in Polaniça Zdrój. There are 15 members of the chapter. The Superior General is also attending.

  • 24.03.2012The new Provincial of Poland (Brs)      On 19 March, was completed the election of the new provincial of Poland. The voting was done by mail. Piotr Budrewicz was elected. The election has been confirmed by the Superior ...

  • 07.02.2012Meeting of the General Commission of Initial Formation (Brs)    From 7 to 11 February, at the House General, takes place the meeting of the General Commission of Initial Formation.    The participants are the IF coordinators of the Conferences of Asia (Lambert Enga), Latin America (David de la Torre), Uni...

  • 25.01.2012Provincial Chapter and new government in Brazil (Brs)      The Brazilian Province Chapter was celebrated from January 23-27 in Campos De Jordão. Felipe F. Lazcano attended as a representative of the General Government. The Chapter reelected Marcus Vinicius Maciel as Provincial Superior. Sérgio Ste...

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