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Renewal of vows and conferring of readers and acolytes (Indonesia)

On July 3rd, 2024 the Province of Indonesia rejoiced with eighteen brothers who renewed their religious vows and four brothers who received the ministries of lectors and acolytes.

The eighteen Brothers who renewed their vows are: 1) Andreas Ama Kelen sscc, 2) Andreas Sitepu sscc, 3) Marianus Juang sscc, 4) Marselus Yance sscc, 5) Servanus Lianurat Kelen sscc, 6) James Nekin Nono Benani sscc, 7) Christian Fritz Wibi Sono sscc, 8) Kristianus Muko sscc, 9) Markus Menang sscc, 10) Ansgar Asmumu Elaman sscc, 11) Ambrose Sina sscc, 12) Ignatius Himawan Sulaksono sscc, 13) Titus Bala Unagolok sscc, 14) James Asa sscc, 15) Gabriel Laba Badin sscc, 16) John Liarian sscc, 17) Gerardus Basenti Kelen sscc, and 18)  Fr. Peter Liang sscc.

During the same Eucharist, four brothers received the ministries of Lector and acolyte. They were 1) Christian Fritz Wibisono sscc,  2) Kristianus Muko sscc, 3) Markus Menang sscc, and Gerardus Basenti Kelen sscc.

In the homily given during the Eucharistic celebration of the renewal of vows, celebrated on the feast day of Saint Thomas the Apostle, Father Pancrasius Olak Kraeng sscc, the provincial, using the two readings of the day, invited the brothers to remember three things: the renewal of vows is an invitation to remember that we are part of the family of  God, the Church. By responding to the invitation of Jesus to put our finger in his wound, we are renewing our “sacred commitment” with the seal of blood. The Good Father understood our vocation as that of uniting ourselves to the suffering of Jesus, the son of the Cross.  Moreover, placing our finger in his wound is also an invitation to heal the many sick people we will encounter in life and mission. 

At the end of the Eucharist, the Rector, Fr. Jose Rianghepat sscc and Bro. Marcelus Yance sscc, speaking on behalf of those who renewed their vows, encouraged the brothers, especially those who will undergo a pastoral year and a fourth stage apostolate, to avoid creating more wounds, but rather be people of healing.  After the Eucharist lunch was opened to those who came to support is in prayers. 

Link in the photo gallery: https://acortar.link/etNuD3