"In Jesus we find everything"

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   "In Jesus we find everything"   

   From the Rule written by the Founder, the Good Father, in the early years of the community:
   “In Jesus we find everything: his birth, his life and his death.That is our Rule.”
   "In the communion of the Church, the People of God, the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar is an Apostolic Religious Congregation of pontifical right, founded by Pierre Coudrin and Henriette Aymer de la Chevalerie."
    (Art. 1, SS.CC. Constitutions)
The Congregation is a community of some 1500 Brothers and Sisters who are present in more than 30 countries. The SSCC family also includes a Secular Branch associated with the Congregation. One of the best known members of our SSCC family is Fr. Damien de Veuster, canonized in 2009, apostle of leprosy patients on the island of Molokai in Hawaii.

In some countries our Congregation is known by the name "Picpus", after the street of Picpus, where our central house was established shortly after the community's foundation. The French provincial house of the Sisters is still lcated there, as well as a community of Brothers.

Our mission can be summarized as: to contemplate, live and announce God's Love which was made flesh in Jesus, especially through Eucharistic Adoration and service to the most needy.

On Christmas Eve 2000 the Congregation celebrated its two hundredth anniversary. The Congregation wants to unite itself to the whole Church in this new Millennium, seeing this as an important time of personal and communal renewal.

We invite you to know more about our Congregation! Welcome!