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  • 23.09.2021Visit to Teteringen (The Netherlands) From 22 - 25 September, Alberto Toutin and Derek Laverty are visiting our confreres in Teteringen (The Netherlands), on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the presence of the Congregation in this country. On the 22nd they attended a meeting of the six religious ...

  • 23.09.2021 Letter of the General Superior - Territory of Peru-Brasil-Mexico-Bolivia (Srs)

  • 23.09.2021"Corazón de Héroe" (Argentina) A new film about St. Damien of Molokai has been released in Argentina and Mexico. We offer you a link where you can access an interview with the director of the film, Luis Javier Zito, and the actor who plays Father Damien, Santiago Morgan. To see the interview click ...

  • 22.09.2021† Father Pat O'Hagan sscc (US)

  • 22.09.2021Visit of the Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy (Rome) Andrés Gabriel Ferrada Moreira, from Chile and until now an official of the Congregation for the Clergy, visited the General House here in Rome, joining the brothers of the community for lunch. Pope Francis has recently appointed him Secretary of the said Congregat...

  • 21.09.2021Preparatory document for the Synod The Church of God is convoked in Synod. The path, entitled "For a Synodal Church: communion, participation and mission", will solemnly open on 9th - 10th October, 2021 in Rome and the following 17th October in each particular Church. One fundamental stage will b...

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  • BE HOLY!!!How are the SSCC causes of beatification and canonization proceeding...?