"In Jesus we find everything"

Congregation of the SACRED HEARTS
General Governments of the Brothers and Sisters, Rome



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  • Le Bon Père"Since God inspires and exacts such sacrifices, it is very evident that he wills the existence of our poor convent in the cradle of the Congregation."

  • Good Mother"Always try to lead children with much kindness and indulgence. I want these poor children to be well cared for and happy in our convents."

  • Good Father, from Rome "Rome: As for your old father, this happiness consists in placing you, and all the children of his large family daily at the feet of Jesus Christ through the intercession of his saints who are here in such large numbers."

  • Good Mother"Scold little. Never threaten to punish without carrying out your promise, but threaten rarely."

  • Good Father"Show children the beauty of virtue. They will be attracted to it. By speaking to them of their defects, we discourage them and sometimes we spoil the best natures."

  • Preliminary Chapter, n.1 (1817)"The purpose of our Institute is to retrace the four ages of Our Lord Jesus Christ: his childhood, his hidden life, his evangelical life and his crucified life; and to spread devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary."

  • Good Mother"I am somewhat 'the good lady who pardons all' when there is question of childish pranks without malice."

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