"In Jesus we find everything"

Congregation of the SACRED HEARTS
General Governments of the Brothers and Sisters, Rome



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  • Good Mother"What afflicts you is useful to you, since it, at least, obliges you to be busy with yourself."

  • Good Father"Be very zealous in the observance of the Rules, and you will all become saints."

  • Good Mother"You will experience that when God speaks to the heart his voice is sweeter, more persuasive, more consoling than the voice of men no matter how loudly they may cry nor even how well they may speak."

  • Good Father"I always believe that God will not abandon us and that St. Francis Regis will pray that we never lack food."

  • Good Mother"Love more and you shall fear less."

  • Good Father"Tears overcome me twenty times a day when I think of all that God does for me....He makes us realize that he is our Father and that we must not misuse any of the good things that he gives us."

  • Good Mother"Alas, how deficient is the human heart! In it we find nothing, absolutely nothing entirely for God!"

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