"In Jesus we find everything"

Congregation of the SACRED HEARTS
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  • Good Father"I want you to know that I suffer with you, that I weep with you, that I am wherever you are, sharing all your religious exercises and your adoration."

  • Good Mother"All for God, and he will help us! I say that to myself every day."

  • Good Father, to the Sisters of Mortagne"Let all their actions be done to purchase heaven. Let them realize that they entered religion only to die to themselves. Let them be angels obeying promptly, virgins by following the Lamb, and wholly detached when their Spouse opens the gates of heaven to them."

  • Good Mother"God is, as it were, constrained to grant an extraordinary grace if the priest who blesses asks for it."

  • Good Father"If the spirit of God is in you, cultivate piety together with knowledge because without piety we shall never do anything that counts before our Divine Master."

  • Good Mother"The shepherds were the first ones called on account of their great simplicity. The Heart of the Divine Infant expanded when they came to adore him whereas the Magi were received with loving seriousness."

  • Good Father"Love more and more the bonds which unite you to Jesus Christ....I never forget you here before the Good God."

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